What to look for

Elements to look for in a school providing Class A training

Certification: Make sure the program meets or exceeds the standards set by the PTDI or CVTA, the organizations in charge of certifying truck driving schools.

Indiana CDL Training Center exceeds the standards and is licensed by the State of Indiana

Financing: Better schools will have financing options. Also, look at all the costs, some programs have hidden fees for permits, drug screens, etc.

Indiana CDL Training Center has different financing options and is totally upfront with all costs of the school

Drive Time: The school should offer a minimum of 44 hours of actual drive time. 

Indiana CDL Training Center programs last for 4 full weeks with more than 44 hours driving time. We provide well over 44 hours of behind the wheel time!

Program Length: Anything less than three weeks should raise red flags. At least a month is needed to be trained effectively.

Indiana CDL Training Center is a 4 weeks long course for Class A.

Placement Assistance: No school can guarantee you a job, but a decent school can provide you with assistance in finding one.

Indiana CDL Training Center has numerous trucking companies waiting to recruit from the school. Our graduates have all been employed within 2 weeks of graduation and many have had jobs lined up prior to graduation!

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